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We’re a creative agency specializing in brand stories. We have over 20 years of experience in brand positioning and advertising with some of the biggest brands in the world.
Perhaps our most famous work is taking the Happiness story into The Coca-Cola Company that’s now helping them spread 'smiles around the world'.
We’ve developed a bespoke story system that revolves around Title; Plot; Twist™ that allows brands to tap into the ‘power of storytelling’ The Twist is a compelling point of difference that can either:

  • evolve and amplify your current story, making it far more engaging to fuel today’s insatiable appetite for rich media content
  • or drive a new longer lasting story that suggests and drives ideas for years to come.
We’ve an array of Story Tools that help us uncover the Story Twist, including Story Mapper.

Our brand story mapping tool is able to read thousands of pages of data and extract the storylines. Kerbang’s in-house text analysts have tuned it to analyse websites, news, social commentary and even Twitter. Have a look at the story map we did for Hovis (image top right). Hidden in their back story is the ‘Story Twist’. The unique part of their history, that we uncovered and made relevant as the platform for their future facing story.

Can you spot it?

The word you are looking for is ‘germ’ – a tiny insight which which led to a proposition to regerminate the brand through the platform of ‘Wheat’s Little Secret’.

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Brand Story Map Hovis The Secret of Growth

Some of our success stories

  • We made Coca-Cola ‘Happy’
  • We made Hovis ‘Grow’
  • We made the SPAM Brand ‘Hammier than Ham’
  • WE gave POWA Technologies ‘Freedom’
  • We made Richmond University ‘Richer’
  • We made Wales Coast Path the ‘Shape of a Nation’

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Hovis Story Map

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