Case Studies

We made SPAM® canned meat ‘Hammier’


The challenge was to make this legendary heritage brand more relevant to today’s consumers. The first insight was that SPAM® was a blend of pure pork shoulder and ham made to a ‘recipe’ that gives it a unique flavour profile. ‘Hammier than Ham’ captures this unique flavour, while cheekily positioning the brand against a whole category of meat. At the same time, the story embraces the inherent humour of the brand and it’s retro-history in a very typically British, fun and celebratory way.


Since working with the brand SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham went from less than a 10% share of the cold canned meat category to over 50%.

Following the commissioning of a Brand Story Book, The Big Kerbang now create and run all SPAM® Choppped Pork and Ham Advertising including TV, Radio and Poster, Website and Social Media (170,000 facebook fans)


We made Coca-Cola Happy

Coca-Cola Coca-Cola

The Happiness story platform for The Coca Cola Company was originally created for one of its core juice brands, Minute Maid. The brief was to stake out a space in the Health and Wellness category for this mainstream commodity product. We picked up on the trending ‘Positive Psychology’ and devised a global integrated communication strategy based on the key facets of ‘Natural Happiness’ driven by the insights of what makes happy people healthier.

Since then we’ve helped TCCC on numerous story based positioning projects including the launch of Zico Coconut water and the coffee brand CHAQWA.


We made Hovis Grow


Revisiting an iconic brand like Hovis with its wealth of stories was initially a daunting task. It turned out to be a classic example of how a strong heritage brand story can be revisited and retold to make it more relevant to today’s audiences. The insights gave Hovis a fresh twist to their tale and focus groups were able to reassess the brand in a contemporary light. ‘Wheat’s little secret’ was seen as a core driver for future traditional and new media communication and NPD.


We made Häagen Dazs indulgent


Häagen Dazs had launched in the UK on the back of its associations with sensuality. When it began to look at building a stronger online community it realised there had to be a stronger proposition. We introduced the concept of ‘indulgence’ seeing that there were far wider applications for this as long-term product extensions and partnerships as well as a short-term promotional platform.

Web build
Café promotions
Cinema promotions
Marie Claire tie ups


We made Wales Coast Path the ‘Shape of a Nation’

Wales Coast Path

The story for the world's first national coast path centred on the key observation that a coastline can define the character of a country and the Wales coastline is more distinctive than most. This was used as the inspiration for the unique symbol uniting Wales most potent icon – the dragon - with the sea creating the distinctive ‘dragon shell’ that now lines the route.

Full ‘Brand Story’ tool kit including logo, brand and marketing guidelines.


We gave POWA Technologies Freedom


The vision of veteran digital entrepreneur Dan Wagner, Powa sought to create the first ever seamless retail experience across every purchase channel. This revolutionary approach merged online and offline worlds for both retailers and consumers and inspired the story of ‘Commercial Freedom’.

Powa Technologies secured the biggest ever VC investment in a British start up – 98 million dollars and quicly attracted some of the world’s biggest retailers.

ID, brand architecture, literature, web design, corporate video.

  • We made Coca-Cola Happy

    We made Coca-Cola Happy

  • We made Hovis Grow

    We made Hovis Grow

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